Stampo Originale Mandorlato


The production of the traditional Mandorlato al Cioccolato started in Modigliana in the 19th century by the confectioner Assirelli.
The recipe of this artisan cake has always been handed down by word of mouth from generation to generation.
Ricetta Originale Mandorlato


Since the start of the 20th century the sweet has received several awards at national and international level:

• 1906 Silver Medal at Salone Internazionale di Milano
• 1907 Silver Medal of Ministero Agricoltura Industria e Commercio
• 1909 Gold Medal with Diploma of Honor at the International Exhibition in Paris
• 1910 Grand Diploma d’onore e Croce al merito
• 1910 Diploma and Gold Medal a Cremona
2015 is marked by an anniversary and recognition: the return to EXPO Milano after 109 years and the landing to "Ark of Taste" of the Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity, the international catalog that collect food, races animal and plant species that are threatened with extinction, bringing with them traditions and knowledge to which they are
Diploma mandorlato

The awards

After years of work, commitment and historical research, in 2010 Mandorlato al Cioccolato di Modigliana has been recognised as Traditional Italian Food Product by the Ministry of Agriculture.
The sweet was once only produced during the months of November and December. Now we are proud to give to our gastronauts the possibility to taste it all year round.

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